Dirty little secret : How Telco Company Make Moneys

Do you ever wonder why even 3 years ago in your mobile phone book only 5 out of 100 number is digi but digi still survive until today? why nobody of your friends using U-mobile but still you can see u-mobile is growing? why Celcom,Digi, U-mobile and Maxis keep coming with super cheap package but every quater year they will announce increase in revenue? Well..New Yorks Times maybe got the answer :

Professor Keshav, whose academic research received financial support from one of the four major American carriers, discovered just how secretive the carriers are when it comes to this business. Two years ago, when he requested information from his sponsor about its network operations in the past so that his students could study a real-world text-messaging network, he was turned down. He said the company liaison told him, “Even our own researchers are not permitted to see that data.”

Even no exact cost of a text message stated in the article, we can imagine that telco still can make money even a text is only 1 cent! Anyone want to open telco company? =p
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  1. ZuL Says:

    I'm engineer in Malaysia No 1 Telco. The fact is... there is more than 1million sms per day serve by the company... the cost? no one interested in the number of cost rite? the income? yes... that's so much interesting fact... the sms cost now is 5cent per sms... thus roughly... telco can gain 50,000 per day... (atleast).... but do you know how much the telco spending for 1 BTS/NodeB? The equipment cost is about 200 000 each! The company may have 5 000 equipment set currently... !! You can calculate yourself if you want to open a telco company by now!! :D

  2. jom2 bad..kita buat telco company buat sepuluh,musti maxis ngn celcom takut.