Dalam kekalutan politik skang, tibe2 dpt soalan killer...If a non malay ask you "You consider yourself as malay or malaysian?". What will be the best answer?

BTW..congrats to all those graduated this convo; those from diploma- mansur, den, hana, rizeb; those have worked together - Deena, Sham, Wenny and everyone else, there no way i can list it all here rite =p

Most special congrats to my sis...mum uploaded pictures here(promote fotopages mak..hehehe..)Tahniah!!! dr Iftida
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3 Responses
  1. pwincessdee Says:

    so sad you didnt see me with robe.. shaza and izzah saw...

  2. tu la lecturer rajin sgt nk wat class on your convo...

  3. Anonymous Says:

    i would rather say, i am a malaysian;)